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reporter Tian Chao
in recent years, more and more diversified development of mobile phone, mobile phone and mobile phone cross-border competition in the market of birth, many of the original mobile phone manufacturers and unrelated companies - mobile phone field, launched its own brand mobile phone, with this kind of crossover is the trend of integration of multiple function mobile phone market, but cross-border mobile phone can go far?
cross-border mobile phone to become active in
at present, intelligent mobile Replica rolex phone has become the biggest selling point of mobile terminal market, huge business intelligence mobile phone market also attracted each giant, apple, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, these intelligent mobile phone manufacturers without the benefit of. The major mobile phone manufacturers in the field of intelligent mobile phone and mobile phone development to the fight, and more diversified trend, cross-border mobile phone was born and trend.
originally and mobile phone irrelevant manufacturers and enterprises have the mobile phone industry, launched its own brand of mobile phone. In Knockoff watches the IT industry, ASUS, Huawei, ZTE PC or communications equipment manufacturers are now will be out of reach of intelligent mobile phone field, and success. In order to ASUS as an example, the official opening of the Taipei international Replica rolex computer show COMPUTEX 2011, ASUS computer is Christian louboutin sale held in Taipei called “Break the rule” large conference, officially released and a revolutionary innovation product – Padfone, Taipei international computer show COMPUTEX 2011 on the occasion of the Cheap Christian louboutin official opening, ASUS computer in Taipei held a Fake Rolex Submariner for sale “Break the rule” large conference, will be officially released and a revolutionary innovation product – Padfone, attracted numerous visitors amazed christian louboutin replica shoes usa eyes, attracted numerous visitors amazed eyes. Replica Patek Philippe ZTE, Huawei brand mobile phone has become a universal Christian louboutin fake mobile phone market. IT industry in addition to these PC or communication equipment manufacturers to mobile phone, the Internet giant also unwilling to lag behind, millet millet mobile Fake rolex phone technology was released a few days ago, Alibaba launched Ali cloud OS intelligent Christian louboutin replica mobile phone, Christian louboutin QQ mobile phone Tencent played cards, Sina micro-blog in the mobile phone, the Internet giant in the field of intelligent mobile phone for Fengshengshuiqi, awfully.[attach]12764[/attach]
IT industry, there are also many “experts” into the mobile phone market, Lamborghini “Spyder series luxury mobile phone,” Versace Cheap rolex watches Replica watches “Unique mobile phone, the world watches manufacturers” Hoya "TAG Heuer mobile mens rolex replica phone, be too numerous to Replica Rolex Explorer enumerate, these have nothing to do with the mobile phone manufacturers have the cross-border Mobile phone field, the mobile phone market prosperity, but also presents the development trend of intelligent mobile phone.
cross-border mobile phone quality of mutual
Replica u boat “layman” Replica watches cross-border mobile phone market, has its advantages, also inevitably has its limitations.
non mobile phone manufacturers to launch its own brand mobile phone, Rolex Replica can be very good to their original development elements into the mobile phone industry, injecting fresh vitality to the mode of mobile phone functions, thus building Rolex Replica out product also has >