To help issues

To help issues, those who buy the encounter electronically will be able to preload this material along with the platform activity. He also assured gamers that they’ll be able to perform through all four strategies (and observe their specific cutscenes) and perform “a excellent slice of MP customized games” without getting the upgrade.

But even with that being the situation, this is an regrettable situation, and O’Connor did not shy away from recognizing that. “Do I understand the difficulty and irritation for some users? Of course. I’m not going to strike smoking or neglect it,” he said. “For some folks it will be straight up frustrating and I both say sorry unreservedly for the irritance, and wish that the program and the way it performs more than makes up for it.”

He also mentioned that he has “pretty boring Internet” and uses Wi-Fi, but has not run into problems himself–“my set up and immediate perform were all fairly buttery,” he said. Of course, take this with a touch of suspicion, as it’s coming from someone who performs on the encounter.