The driving machine of impact crusher

Countries in the ‘eleventh five-year plan’ program pointed out that ‘to save, save the equal emphasis on development, according to priority reduction, and garnish with, and set the principle, save resources exploitation, production consumption, waste production, consumption, and gradually establish such links of the whole society resource recycling system’, and points out that the ‘to 2010 industrial waste comprehensive utilization base content to 60%’. Human survival development is inseparable from the white but gave the precious resources, promote recycling and reuse of resource saving enough 'urgent task of, also is the realization of sustainable development and development important content and the inevitable choice. Rubble, coagulation, such as its base asphalt recycling waste things technology research, construction waste recycling base process and equipment that study, have been listed as the ministry of construction technology in the eleventh five-year plan.

This machine is an electric motor powered by the motor pulley, driven by a V-belt and the sheave eccentric shaft, so that the movable jaw by a predetermined trajectory for reciprocating movement, which will enter the crushing by the fixed jaw, the movable jaw plate and the side shield the cavitary materials to be broken, and the finished material is discharged through the lower part of the discharge opening.

We research and development of all kinds of crusher[Gravel Crusher For Sale] have been exported to the United States, Italy, France, Britain, Spain, Burma, Indonesia, Kenya, Venezuela, Libya, Kazakhstan and other countries. In the world have a wide range of services, so you can rest assured purchase our products. Natural and crushed sand and gravel aggregate have been employed successfully in quality hot mix asphaltic concrete goods for several years. Recent specification trends are emphasizing the want to have highly fractured aggregate to acquire desired efficiency. This paper evaluations some elements of sand and gravel physical characteristics as they relate to style considerations along with a brief overview of New York State Department of Transportation gravel aggregate requirements for utilization in hot mix asphaltic concrete.

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