Sacrifice- For the MasterFor the master is the key to abandon the life recovery items. You would gain 6202 life for each Zombie Dog you sacrifice. And the three dogs would give you life 18606 and plus the health potion, you would not die basically. Of course, it would be better if you have life recovery items.

To use the Sacrifice continually, we must reduce the cool down time of Summon Zombie Dogs to 0. The cooldown time for this skill is 45 seconds. And the passive skill can reduce the CD by 25% and now is 33.75 seconds. The rest would be solved by the items now. Off-hand: Homuculus would reduce the CD by 20 seconds.Helmet:Visage of Giyua reduces cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs by 8 seconds. Stone of Jordan reduces CD by 7 seconds.

These three items can reduce the CD by 35 seconds which is enough for the 0 CD now. Below is my attributes statistics for your reference. If you have any doubts about this build, you could consult us at our SaleDiablo3 Facebook Community. Your constructive suggestions would always welcome here as well. Check our Diablo 3 Guides for more useful tips.

Today I would like to share with you the Wizard Archon Skill build which I use myself. This build which is designed to play easy with least Cheap RS Gold spent is suitable for ordinary players.The theory of this build is to use Living Lighting which do not cost Arcane to fill the Cool Down time. Then you can use Archon without limit. Let’s see the Wizard Archon Skill build below.Passive Skills: Critical Mass is used to reduce the cool down time which is essential of this build.